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Our Team

Amazing food made by amazing people.  I consider our chefs to be magicians because with every bite not only do you get amazing flavors, but you taste the love and passion they put into each dish. I am so lucky to have found people who raise the bar for our service each time they cook.
-Dana Sicko, Founder

Dana Sicko, Founder / CEO -

Why do you love being a chef?  I love giving people time back to their week through making healthy food that tastes great.

What is your favorite thing to cook? I love baking cute little bites, like mini cookie sandwiches.

Your idea of a perfect meal? Who is around you, what are you eating, where is the table?  The table is outside and there is a bonfire, I'm surrounded by friends and we are all enjoying a perfect old school playlist.  We are enjoying great cocktails, charcuterie, cheese, and definitely s'mores.

Lauren Schein, Catering Director -

Why do you love being a chef? I love cooking and creating menus.  It just makes me happy to be in the kitchen creating something.

What is your favorite thing to cook? I love to make soup or stew that simmers for hours.

Your idea of a perfect meal? It's a small group of six with a delicious braised cut of meat and a full bodied red wine, roasted bleu cheese ricotta butternut squash, and crisp bright green beans.

Jenna Chorney, Kitchen Manager

What do you love about being a chef? Cooking is love, made visible for everyone to enjoy. I love being able to provide someone with a delicious meal, that leaves them satisfied but wanting more.

What is your favorite thing to cook? I love to cook breakfast, nothing better than creating my first meal of the day. Having the option to make it sweet or savory, or combining both of them is great. Chicken and waffles is the best example of those two delicious combinations.

What is your idea of a perfect meal? A small dinner party with friends, in an outside courtyard that is covered in greenery and florals. The wine is flowing and the food is overwhelming (but in the best way possible) Delicious crispy pork belly with a side of creamy polenta and sauteed greens. And must finish with dessert! A delicious slice of chocolate cake, that is to die for.

Lauren "Lo" Zarembo, Shop Manager

What do you love about managing the shop at Whitehall Mill? My customers! I love seeing the regulars that come in week-to-week and enjoy introducing newcomers to all that Gundalow has to offer! I’m proud to be that friendly face and strive to make our customers’ days a little brighter.  Best of all, they can go home equipped with a delicious meal or leave with our famous cookies!

What is your favorite thing to cook? I love to bake! I find enjoyment in packing up sweet treats and giving them away to family and friends - I hope it adds a little happiness to their day! I also like curating menus for small parties with my friends -  making a whole spread, complete with apps, entrees, desserts and signature drinks! As a result of my years in catering, I jump at the opportunity to make show-shopping displays centered around a theme, like the Super Bowl or a friend’s birthday!  

What is your idea of a perfect meal? My perfect meal is accompanied by family and friends with plenty of food and drink to graze on. Ideally, it would be outside in the summertime feasting on a bounty of seasonal ingredients. Must haves include: cheese, wine, carbs and CHOCOLATE!

Blair Jacobs, Chef

Why do you love being a chef? I love to see people enjoy their food or even break into a happy dance.

What is your favorite thing to cook? I am more of a baker, but I like to make sides specifically Mac and Cheese.

Your idea of a perfect meal? Who is around you, what are you eating, where is the table? I love small plates! Little cured meat, a little cheese, fruit, and something pickled - boom you have a feast. My table would be a coffee table surrounded by friends catching up with each other!

Sheryl Segal, Chef

What do you love about being a chef? I love; having the ability to make something out of nothing, taking ingredients and turning them into a meal that can be shared w/others… the community and creativity that makes up this delicious profession and how everyone passionately expresses themselves thru flavor and food.

What is your favorite thing to cook? I love making and baking bread… I find the process rewarding… one of my favorite parts is leaving the house after I’ve baked and coming back in… the house smells delicious and feels warm, makes me smile... there’s nothing like it.

What is your idea of a perfect meal? The vibe is casual, but the food is exceptional (not fancy, but delicious), shared with friends/family… lingering (inside and outside of the house), snacks (while cooking is being done), wine/drinks, sitting around, catching up… the actual menu is insignificant, it's always going to be good when the company is good… for me, the meal is always about community, so whether it’s eating hoagies in a driveway at the beach or sitting in a backyard garden while the steaks and veggies roast on the grill… I love when everyone pauses from their grind and shares food in community.

Laurie Searfoss, Personal Chef

Why do you love being a personal chef? Simply put, I love to take care of people the best way I know how and that’s by cooking healthy nutritious meals for them. Cooking is how I express gratitude and show love. I guess you can say I was born with the feeding gene.

What is your favorite thing to cook? I absolutely love making soups and stews. Creating layers of flavor in my stock pot is the best way I can express my creativity. Using my spices as an artist would use paint, I create depth of flavor with spices and quality ingredients.

Your idea of a perfect meal? Who’s around you? What are you eating? Where is the table? My idea of the perfect meal is a bountiful table filled with the simplest of offerings to graze over with good conversation. Offerings like good wine, fresh baguette, French cheeses, and grilled fresh vegetables.  I would be surrounded by passionate foodies and talk about food all evening.  Having a lovely meal outside would be the best setting.

Lisa Poist, Office Admin & Master of Managing All Sorts of Things