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Whether you need a complete overhaul or if you are looking to make some small changes that have a big impact, we can help make your kitchen better.  After personal cheffing for a little over a decade, we have worked in many different layouts and styles of kitchens and can help you create a kitchen that is not only aesthetically beautiful but works functionally for you and your family.  

We don’t design kitchens based upon what is popular, we get to know you and your family to make a space that functions for you.  A certain design, material, utensil/ tool might work for one person and not another.  We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to any part of our business, and so just like our personal chef and catering services, this is tailored completely to you.  Your kitchen should be a place where memories are made and recipes shared with the people you love.  Spend more time doing that and less time sorting through clutter.  

Design Services:
Online Consultation- it’s not just about how you currently use your kitchen it’s about what you want from your kitchen.  Through a virtual meeting we can discuss your kitchen’s pain points, challenges, and how they can be resolved.

1 Hour Consultation- $150

In Person- We will help bring your dream kitchen to life with recommendations of materials, tile, countertops, cabinetry, flooring, lay out, and colors.  We will first go over how you use your kitchen, get to know the workings of your household so that your kitchen functions for you!

Initial consultation $275 (usually about 2 hours), continued hourly rate $150/ hour

Kitchen Organizing:
Simplify life in the most organized way.  Are your cabinets a mess? Your refrigerator, too? Are you wasting more food than you want to and accumulating more jars and Tupperware than is necessary? We can help you.  This is an exercise in behavior modification and organization.  Find out how an organized kitchen can reduce stress in your life.

$85/ hour + materials

Kitchen Outfitting:
Moving into a new home or recently purchased a vacation home? We can outfit your kitchen with everything you need with your personalized style and taste.  From silverware and pots to your kids' favorite granola bars, to platters and champagne flutes for entertaining, we will take care of the ordering, unpacking, organizing, and styling of your kitchen.  

$85/ hour + materials