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About Us

“Get out of my room, you are just a way for insurance companies to make money!”

Believe it or not, these are the words that built Gundalow Gourmet. 

Our founder, Dana, studied Nutritional Sciences at the University of New Hampshire and in her final year while making rounds in a local hospital, wide-eyed and hopeful that every patient she met would be accepting and excited to learn more about nutrition, a patient told her to get out because nutritionists were just a way for insurance companies to make money. 

Naively shocked and dismayed that patients who had triple bypasses didn’t want to trade their morning bacon and eggs for a green smoothie, she decided her path into helping people with food needed to look a little different than she previously planned.  

In 2011, she was working part-time as a nutrition consultant when her superior asked if she would consider making meals for some of her nutrition clients and thought why not- this had been the problem for most of her clients: they knew what they should be eating, but lacked the time and/ or interest to shop and cook.  So she stepped into their kitchens, armed with a semester-long cooking class and lessons from watching Food Network’s Ina Garten and Giada de Laurentis.  She quickly found that though people loved that they were eating healthier foods tailored to their exact preferences, what they really loved was that they had more time to their day and their lives were simplified.  Clients no longer questioned what to make for dinner, when they were going to fit in grocery shopping, and had no fear of mountains of dishes for them to do after making a meal.  Instead, her clients were spending more time doing what they really wanted to do.  This is when she noticed the personal chef service was simplifying life in the most delicious way.

After taking on a few more clients, it was time to hire better cooks and to expand the services offered.  We started to cater small events and offer in-home cooking lessons.  As the need for services expanded we also expanded, growing first into a shared commercial kitchen and now into our own kitchen.  Today, in addition to our personal chef parties we cater events up to 150 people and have taken care of weddings, showers, business meetings, dinner parties, boat rides, and have created experiences including retreats and how to build a cheeseboard lessons (our favorite).

The Gundalow Gourmet team has been so lucky to work for so many wonderful and kind people, but we have been even luckier with the amazing people who have joined our team.  Each chef has brought in a unique skill set, personality, and view of food to the team.  We are lucky enough to have a collaborative team that has made each year of service better and better.  The best way to learn about food is to experience it and share with other’s and we are so fortunate to be able to do just that with our amazing team of cooks and chefs.

Our general manager, Lauren Schein, has elevated the company to new heights and abilities, while our team of chefs has executed and tailored food perfectly to fit our customer’s preferences and tastes.  Our goal is always to make food that is approachable, delicious, and fresh.  

In 2018, we expanded our services to the New England seacoast of New Hampshire and set up our second location for services in Portsmouth, NH. 

We are very excited to announce that we will be opening our first storefront in the fall of 2019 in Whitehall Mill in Hampden, MD.  This has been a dream for a long time for our team and we are very excited to be able to see our fantastic customers daily and we look forward to simplifying life in the most delicious way for more people and families than ever!