For Personal Chef Services
- How many servings is each meal?
We are happy to make from 1-8 servings.  The amount of servings does not affect the service cost, though it will change the amount of groceries we purchase.

- Can we use a week at a time without having to have an ongoing contract?
Of course! Enjoy being contract free!

- Do all meals need to be eaten within a couple days or can some be frozen?
Some meal we highly recommend consuming within the first or second day, like seafood dishes.  Most dishes do great in the fridge for about 5 days and we have a lot of recipes are wonderful if you want them frozen.

- Can I change how many dishes I want from week to week?

- Can I have a chef come every other week?
Sure thing!

- I travel for my work, how much notice do you need if I am going to be leaving.
We need 48 hours notice.

For Catering

- How much notice do you need for an upcoming event?
A week is great, but always feel free to call us, even if your event is only a couple of days away.

- What size party can you accommodate?
Most often we take on events of 70 people or under.

- Can you do boxed lunches for my work meeting?

- Do you have a set menu?
We like to tailor each menu to your event, though we can choose a menu for you if that simplifies your life.